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"Keep it simple, stay present, be consistent."

1 April 2020

Three words to keep you looking, feeling and performing optimally this year.

Simple. Present. Consistent.

These are three words I am carrying into this year. Already I find myself feeling, looking, doing better than I ever have before.

With a history of OCD, ADHD and an Eating Disorder, my thought patterns and stress coping mechanisms haven't been the healthiest. However, the journey to freedom has been well worth it. My message is simple, there is a way through life's challenges. We can learn not to act on unhealthy impulses. The key is to first go within, before responding to the external factors.

First, ask yourself "Am I keeping it simple?", "Does my reaction to this situation equal the level worry I am experiencing?". Take a minute to breathe mindfully and assess the situation before you react. Stilling the mind helps you to focus your attention on what you can and can't control. Try keeping it simple, and watch your relationships and interactions improve.

Next ask yourself "Am I present?". "Am I really listening to what is being said, to the feelings behind the words, and to the silences in between?" I often go for slow walks along the beach just for the sake of it, opening my ears and eyes to things I'd usually ignore. It's a wonderful soul cleanser. I Journal. I Play. I Stretch. I pay attention to my body's cues. I've learnt to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm moderately full. If I'm angry, I find a safe outlet or talk to someone about it. If I'm lonely, I make a plan to connect with others even if I'm wanting to isolate. If I'm tired, I rest. Our bodies are intricately designed to tell us what we need. All we need to do is not stand in the way. It's OK to need a hug, or some space, or a decadent cake from Waterberry Cafe.

My last word is consistency. Building healthy habits and achieving your goals doesn't happen overnight. It comes with practise, persistence and patience with yourself and those around you. Baby steps. One at a time. Do what you can, start from where you are. The important thing is, don't give up If you get it "wrong" pick yourself up - because no matter how many times you fall, your experience can be used to help someone else, and you will eventually rise above your challenges.

The world is experienced 8 billion different ways, every single day. You get to choose how you are going to experience the beauty that has been laid out before you in this day.

Keep it simple. Stay present. Be consistent.

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