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Are you or anyone you know struggling from an eating disorder or any other addiction?

Do you want to experience lasting freedom from the grips of your addiction and learn how to cultivate joy in your daily life?

Have you exhausted all your efforts and just don’t know how to get better?

About Me


Hello, and welcome! If any of these questions resonated with you, I am here to help. My name is Kirsten Hunneyball and I am a Certified Life & Recovery Coach who addresses challenges to do with eating disorders, addiction, body image, self-esteem, relationships & communication, spirituality, goal setting and personal empowerment.

There is nothing that brings me more joy, than to watch someone move from a place of feeling hopelessness in their life, to a completely transformed version of themselves. I believe my purpose is to bring light to those who have felt lost in the darkness. I do this by digging deep with my clients on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental journey.

I use methodologies and information from my own personal experience of recovering from 15 years of bulimia and from active addiction and co-dependency, as well as my professional training. If needs be, I will consult and collaborate with any other medical and psychological support systems you have in order to help address you as a whole rather than to isolate any one form of treatment for recovery so that you can move into a culture of lasting recovery.

I am not saying that the journey will be easy, but it will be worth it. If you are willing to put in the work, and are open-minded as to how we do that, I believe you are well on your way to a happier, healthier you.

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." - Caroline Myss


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21 Week Intensive Eating Disorder Recovery Course
(Includes ED Workbook + 21 Coaching sessions + Structured WhatsApp check-in’s during the week) *recommended method.
payment plan available

Eating Disorder Recovery Course with fewer sessions available for those struggling financially

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WHY HIRE A RECOVERY COACH? As a coach, I bridge an important gap between conventional therapeutic methods/consultations and real life day-to-day living. With a more practical and hands-on approach such as daily check-in's, goal setting and relapse prevention tips, I help you learn how to navigate your way through the external elements of life, as well as integrating your internal environment to teach you how to to deal with things in the here and now.

Coaching from a holistic perspective, my aim is to help you to understand yourself better, as well as to guide you through practical action steps and teach you useful techniques to reach a place of personal empowerment, whereby you can start taking responsibility for your life and your recovery.

I do this by challenging my clients on physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. I believe that attitudes, feelings, character and mental states can be transformed through deep inner work and taking action, and the result will reflect in the serenity and fulfilment you begin to experience incrementally through each step.

"So, I met Kirst during a very tumultuous stage of my life where I was looking to make a drastic lifestyle change mentally and physically. I was quite anxious, on edge and generally unhappy. Through sessions with Kirsten we started to explore the root of what was really making me experience these feelings, the underlying issues that needed to be addressed as well the possibility of tackling these challenges head on. My thinking processes started to change during our journey through my experiences which drastically changed how I viewed certain situations and how I tackled tough experiences. I cannot thank Kirst enough for helping me to find my calm, build a stronger inner vision of myself and become a better version of Sharon."

Sharon Visagie (Owner of Velveteen Confectionary, Durban, South Africa)

"I cannot adequately put into words how invaluable myself and Dean found your workshop. As you could tell from our discussions during sessions, we have both felt on the periphery of his daughters’ therapy and struggle. As much as we know that this is not something we can necessarily change, we knew that we had to get some form of insight (fast). This is where your sessions were an absolute saving grace. Now, we feel empowered and better equipped to deal with certain situations and to understand what she is going through.

In the first session, you taught us more about ED’s in the first 45 minutes than any other professional in the past year. Dean told his daughter that we were doing the workshop and her response to it was very positive. I believe just knowing that we have a bit more insight into what it is she’s experiencing has had a positive impact on her."

Chantal (Attended a 5 Day Eating Disorder Workshop to learn more to support her daughter’s journey.)

"Kirsten tuned into me more clearly than I was able to ever do for myself. She helped make conscious a really hidden part of myself and channelled so clearly the issue and how to solve it in a loving gentle way. I was honestly left in awe after our session from her clarity in her channelling exactly what needed to come through."

Cameron Craig (Former Co-Founder of Learning Space, Hanoi, Vietnam)

"When I went to Kirsten, I walked in like a whirl wind with a billion questions going from left to right, up and down and back again! She is so calm and collected, listening to each and every blown up manifestation I came up with!! She gave me advice and distractions to help me process what I’ve been going through! I definitely think about what she teaches me after our sessions, and she has definitely helped me step out of my dark cloud and into the light! I found myself coming back to her many times. She has made a difficult situation so much better and helped me manage my thoughts and emotions! Best and only life coach I will be coming to! If not to just listen, to talk, to get advice, to encourage and lighten the load. She really has helped me step back and reassess myself into a better mindset. Thanks Kirsten"

Christie Hunt (Owner of Wink Lashes, Ballito)

""What a wonderful, truly life changing experience. I went in thinking I knew what I needed to change to get my life where I wanted, but boy I had no idea what Kirsten had in store with me. She is so incredibly easy to talk to and honestly she changed my life and taught me many very valuable lessons. I am so thankful for all that she has done for me!"

Elaine Mulder (PR Rep at Johnston & Partners, South Africa)