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"Drop into the Body to be Free from its Bondage."

30 March 2022

We need to drop into the body to be free from its bondage.

I used to think that my body was in the way of experiencing my most serene and spiritual self.

It felt like a limitation, something I needed to get away from.

I’m recognizing the ability to accept, drop into and be with the body is a fundamental ingredient to lasting healing from disordered eating.

Now, this may sound scary… I mean after all, if you are here it probably means you don’t have the best relationship with your body and the idea of being with it, in all its essence and presence, probably feels terrifying!

But when you allow yourself to ease into this space, SO much can transform from within you.

So how do you be with the body? How do you sit in its tangible matter, without screaming inside or falling apart?

Well, the journey is different to everyone, but some things that have helped me along the way:

1. My voice is the most important part of accepting my body. It is only when I can authentically express my feelings, thoughts and fears to those closest to me (e.g., my partner or family), that my body seems like a more manageable place to be in. Why? Because if I accept my truth (my thoughts, feelings etc.) and consider them valid and then share them with another human being, I am allowing my internal self to be exactly who she is, without fear or judgement. And by default, my psyche starts to feel more accepting of my physical self. I must practice honest self-expression to feel safer in my own skin.

2. When I engage my physical senses through mindful movement, breathwork, dance, music, looking at candlelight or something beautiful, or even engaging my sense of scent, something makes me feel calmer. This is probably because we tend to store anxiety in physical areas of our body and often are disconnected from the present moment because of the fear of something that might happen, or the fear of some past trauma. When I can make myself as physically here as possible through my senses, my fear of the past and future dissolves.

3. Sometimes I drop everything to be still. As impossible as this may seem, it’s perfectly doable. Even if to “drop everything” simply means to drop the way I’m thinking about something.

4. I have found supplements that support cortisol regulation (i.e. stress) can help me feel more capable of handling my stressors and my body/food. Some of these include Ashwagandha, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc, L-Theanine and a good probiotic (like Rawbiotics).

5. I make intentional time to be with my body even if it’s uncomfortable. I ask myself what it is I am trying to feel more in control of? What is the underlying fear? And what solution can I move toward in this space?

Making stillness and time to be WITH the body is just like any relationship …

It takes intention, time and patience.

You may not love, or even like the process, but spending quality time with the body is a fundamental element in developing a better relationship with it.

See what comes up. Your body is not the enemy. It’s time to start moving into it with grace.

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