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Kirsten Hunneyball / 28, April, 2022

"Relationships and Eating Disorders."

In every eating disorder sufferer I have ever come across, there seems to be a direct relationship between the level of insanity, fear, confusion, etc. they experience in their eating disorders as in their relationships.[..]


Kirsten Hunneyball / 30, March, 2022

"Drop into the Body to be Free of its Bondage."

We spend so much time trying to run away from our physical selves. What if I told you to stop running FROM the body, and to rather drop into it? Well, just how would that look to you [..]


Kirsten Hunneyball / 16, July, 2021

"Relapse in Recovery - How to Bounce Back."

Have you found yourself in an Eating Disorder relapse, but you don’t know how to deal with it? Firstly, relapse doesn’t mean you have failed. Here are some useful tips that might help you move out of this space of relapse and back on track with your recovery [..]


Kirsten Hunneyball / 25, November, 2020

"Beauty is connection."

You are beautiful. Was that hard for you to believe? “Beauty” is defined by the Merriam- Webster dictionary as “The quality or aggregate of qualities [..]


Kirsten Hunneyball / 8, August, 2020

"Gauge for Your Recovery - The Traffic Light Model"

If you're not sure "where you're at with your eating disorder recovery, this article shares a simple tool to use in order to help.[..]


Kirsten Hunneyball / 1, April, 2020

"Keep it simple, stay present, be consistent."

These are three words I am carrying into this year. Already I find myself feeling, looking, doing better than I ever have before.[..]